Solar Powered Capsule

So cool, and I could finally visit all those remote places I’ve always wanted to! =) Thanks for sharing this +anotherkindofgrass =)

Another Kind Of Grass

Solar Capsule-02

The egg-shaped ecocapsule portable house allows the traveller to camp in extreme corners of the world, with the luxury of a hotel room.

This compact home measures 4.5meters (length) 2.4 meters (width) and 2.5 meters (height). It weighs about 1500 kg, and includes a bed, toilet, shower, plus a kitchenett to prepare your hot meals.

The eco capsule doesn’t require an external power source, but relies entirely on a built-in wind turbine and solar panels for energy, with a high capacity battery ensuring sufficient stored energy for times of decreased sunlight and minimal wind activity. It also collects and filters rainwater and dew for drinking and showering. 

Solar Capsule -01

Solar Capsule -04

Solar Capsule-06

Solar Capsule-05

Solar Capsule

Solar Capsule

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Me and You, It’s Simple


Me here

You there

Miserable, apart.

Me here

You here

Happiness, together.

– By R.H. Dahl, Copyright 2015

For My Mother


For you Mom,

On this special day,

That celebrates Mother’s on a late spring day in May.

To let you know,

With each and every day,

You’ve touched my life somehow, or in some way.

And yes we’ve had our share of up’s and down’s; some major blows,

That’s part of life, that’s how the story goes,

Even the ocean tides have their highs and lows.

High notes or low notes however it’s all the same,

For the encouragement, magic and adventure you gave me,

Have always remained.

Growing up you were many things to me,

A magician, teacher, storyteller, warrior, explorer, role model – to name a few,

And to me, the prettiest mom in the world – yes, even now that holds true.

Now that I am older with a daughter of my own,

There is something familiar about the stories that are told.

You see, those special times, fun memories and adventures of years past,

They have never been lost or forgotten, but shared and will forever last.

We have been through so much together,

Still so much to look forward to,

Thank you for all that you’ve done, and continue to do.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom – I love you ❤

-Copyright 2015, R.H.Dahl




Lifetimes may come and go

When it comes to you and me

This much I know.

Like the stars and skies above

Always there, Magical, Beautiful

So is our love.

Like the endless oceans and sand

Enduring, Eternal, Forever

Hand in hand.

Our love, Our souls

Will always find a way

To come together again.

And again.

And again.

“Lifetimes” Copyright by R.H.Dahl, 2015